While having a roommate isn’t the easiest task to take on, it’s one way to significantly lower your cost of living. But, living with another person, or multiple people, can be a daunting task when you realize all of the different habits that people have. But there are ways to prevent awkward situations from arising and tactics to keep in mind when addressing any issues that may arise. Below are just a few of those tips to help make sure you and your roommate have the best living experience possible.

Make Sure To Have ‘The Talk’
It’s important to set aside the time to have a discussion with your roommate before you start living together. Many times conflicts can be avoided by understanding the other’s personality or habits. If there’s something that you absolutely know you wouldn’t be able to live with, make sure to express it and be ready to hear the same from your roommate. Setting key rules can help make the transition to living together easier.

Find A Way to Divide Chores
Chores are never fun and it can be hard to remember who took the trash out last or who swept the floors. But, when one person starts realizing they are the only one washing the dishes, they tend not to be very happy. One of the easiest solutions is to create a chart for each week detailing who is responsible for what ensuring no one is stuck doing the same thing week in and week out. If that doesn’t work for you and your roommate, just make sure to find a system that doesn’t leave one person constantly doing the work.

Communication is Key
No one is a mind reader. If you feel a certain way about something, make sure to say it. Keeping your thoughts and feelings bottled up will only lead to disaster. But before you bring anything up, it’s important not to point any fingers or try to place the blame on someone else. Approach it like you are addressing a concern and have a solution to it. At the end of the day creating a discussion will be the easiest way to fix any problem.

Always Ask
As a general rule of thumb, always make sure to ask before using something that doesn’t belong to you. For example, if you are thinking about having your friends over, make sure to ask your roommate first. It’s important to keep them in mind when you are planning because while you may not have to be up early the next morning, they might have an important presentation at work.

Having a roommate can be a challenge but keep in mind the benefits you get out of it. Not only are you saving on your living expenses, you never know if they could become your best friend or at least someone you turn to for advice or just to talk when you need it. Keeping these tips in mind can help contribute to a positive living experience with your roommate.