Rental Application

Rental Application

Prospective residents are welcome to apply to rent from SMC in general, but they will need to go on a property tour with an SMC representative in order to place a security deposit on a particular apartment or house (we do not rent “sight unseen”).  A $40.00 application fee per adult applicants (18 and older) is required for each and every adult that would be residing in the rental property does need to submit an application. Rental Application fees can only be paid by cash or money order.  We additionally require a copy of a valid photo I.D.  The application generally takes about 2 business days to process.  If you have any questions regarding the application or application process please contact SMC prior to submitting your application.

Below you can download and print the application to rent from SMC.  Both pages need to be clearly filled out to the fullest extent possible and signed, however, if a statement or question does not apply to you, you may write in “N/A” for “not applicable”.

Completed applications can be mailed to our office with the necessary application fee or fees. (mail to: SMC-Attn: Leasing Agent – P.O. BOX 2189 – Minot, ND 58702) Again, application fees can only be paid by cash or money order.  We do not suggest mailing cash. Applications can also be submitted by fax (701.839.6292); we will not process the application without the application fee.

Please Note: An application does not secure an apartment/house.  Only a security deposit will secure a rental unit, pending approval.  You must view a rental unit with an SMC representative before you can pay a security deposit.  SMC does not rent sight unseen.